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Heirloom, gourmet, European, Asian, and specialty vegetables, fruit, and grains organically grown on our own small family farm

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Thanks for stopping by.  The site is rather sparse for now.  Content will be added when I have spare time (yeah, that'll happen).

But, seriously, check back from time to time to see what's available on our Now Picking page.

Restaurants, Co-ops, Processors

Or others needing larger quantities or regular orders:  Let us know your needs.  We grow over 600 different items on our little farm, but if we don't already have it we can probably custom grow it for you.  Because we love our work and do things almost exclusively by hand, we can grow those unique labor-intensive items that others won't.  We specialize in premium quality organically grown gourmet and specialty produce including many heirloom, European, and Asian varieties you probaly won't find at your local supermarket or distributor.  By dealing directly with the grower, you will get fresher better qualiity produce while helping to support sustainable local agriculture and a real family farm.

Check the Planting page for an idea of what to expect.


Our new antique grist mill  We couldn't find anyone who would mill the many different grains we grow here to our satisfaction, so we bought our own antique (circa 1850) natural hand-dressed stone grist mill.  While steel burrs quickly heat up and "cook" the flour, these massive one ton stone wheels always remain cool, preserving the full nutritional value and taste of the whole grain.

The garlics are up  We laboriously planted about 1500 bulbs of organic heirloom hardneck porcelain garlic last fall, in knee deep mud that froze solid while we were in it.  Two varieties, Music and Extra Hardy, have come up quite nicely; however, every time I rake back the mulch cover, something eats them right down to ground.  Epicurean deer, perhaps?  We are planting 15,000 or more later this year, but many are so rare that we won't have enough to sell for another 2-3 years.  Sorry.